About us

An  idea of building a charitable trust to care   destitute girls who need real love , protection and education  with a family atmosphere. A long thinking and planning MATHRU SAKTHI was born by the support of good hearted individuals and many organizations.  It was this dream which took the form of MATHRU SAKTHI under the roof of SEVA BHARATHI.

As the number of needy, abandoned  girls in India is getting colossal and it is the most helpless section of the society. So A motherly love and tremendous compassion is necessary to uplift such women and girls by giving them shelter, thus helping them integrate into the society and educating them more over to train them to be stand alone by trade. Mathru Sakthi is running  with the help of well-educated and competent staff dedicated to for the growth of this needy sector.  
A Part of Seva Bharathi
Mathru Sakthi is under hearty supervision by Seva Bjarathi, which is well known socially committed organization in India dedicated to serve Indian Society.  As per well supervision and training provide by Seva Bharathi,  we are proud to state that we could able to educate them academically as well as spiritually.

What we do?

     The children who have lost their parents, the children who are destitute and dependent, for those we provide a homely shelter to  make up the family members under Mathru Sakthi, Where they are provided with all the necessities of lives along with proper education and appropriate guidance to make them competent for facing various confrontations of lives.   At present, the Mathru Sakthi is strengthened  is home to 45  Girls from different social background. However, most of the girls hail from this remote region. After coming here, they have started to relive their lives leaving their horrifying and disappointing yester days and they have begun to learn to tread forward with confidence and dignity. They live here as a different member of a single family, where every one is treated on equal terms of rights .

Providing Education

We strongly believe that supporting a society means preliminary step should be providing education. So we are providing a education in highly profiled schools and colleges with English medium with a complete sense of Social Service. Here we have more than 30 students are studying in various standard upto Post Graduation. As a family care their kids, we care the progress of their study by keeping regular attention to their study and providing more training of tuitions for needed students.

Extro Curriculum activities

As a forevision of a educated and a healthy  world it has to look after physical and spiritual growth. So we are providing YOGA Classes and Meditations.  There are dedicated and qualified YOGA teachers are taking classes and giving practice to inmate aim at healthy stand alone society. Apart from all these we conduct different traditional festivals like Thiruvathira, cultural events to provide opportunity for the children to participate in arts and other cultural events.

Amrutha Sakthi

Amrutha Sakthi is a project aim at a dedicated caring to the destitute children below 9 years. So we are able to special and individual attention to each inmate kids under this projects. We know due to different circumstances and helpless conditions, there are many kids become depressed in various levels and it is affecting the career future. Amrutha sakthi is a special project to uplift the kids to real meaning stream of kids.

What We Do

  • Provide Shelter, food and other necessities
  • Provide Education in Excellent Academic Institutions
  • Encourage Spiritual growth of the children.
  • Practices yoga, meditation
  • Training in IT Education, Tailoring
  • Extra curricular and cultural activities
  • Job Oriented Training as per Skills
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